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Meaningful Collaborations

Skin Deep Education is committed to all clients by providing professional services tailored to their needs. In forming strong partnerships Skin Deep Education are proud to have a growing client portfolio. Take a look at the list below to learn more about the work some of the work Skin Deep Education have done.


Robinson College, Cambridge

Art Wellbeing Workshop for Black History Month 2022

I worked with Robinson College to create a tailored workshop suited for students during Black History Month 2022. In conversations with the well-being officer at the college, Skin Deep Education delivered a whole day's art workshop with an engaging and creative environment.  The work with Robinson College has led to regular Black History Month Workshops. In addition, Skin Deep Education was invited as a guest speaker.

Art Wellbeing Workshop for Black History Month 2023

Skin Deep Education held another workshop at Robinson to get students creative! for Black History Month 2023! It was a fantastic opportunity to create work centred around Black British Archives as well as recognise 75 years of the Windrush Generation and the NHS. The work was displayed and the day also consisted of a talk by Joshua Obichere, highlighting the importance of creativity to capture moments of unity and diversity. 


Cambridge Regional College (CRC)

Skin Deep Education Workshops

I’ve worked with CRC to deliver a day's workshop centres around race and diversity. This was a great opportunity to inspire students and encourage the next generation of creatives. It was an exciting time and the level 1 Art & Design Students I worked with thoroughly enjoyed their time. The workshop outcomes have been built into the college's scheme of learning and continues to be an inspiration for many.  


Oxford Architecture Society (OAS)

Art Workshops (Universities & Groups)

The Oxford Architecture Society approached me to run a workshop for the Architecture BA and MA students attending the society. It was the first event of the academic year (2022/23) and it was a massive success. Skin Deep Education is inter-disciplinary and therefore, art education is just as applicable in Architecture as well. Skin Deep Education looks forward to working with a range of universities and societies to deliver exciting art workshops! 


The Campion School, Hornchurch (May 2023)

Skin Deep Education Workshops

Across 2-days, we had the pleasure of running workshops with the year 10 GCSE Art group and also the year 12 Fine Art group. Students were engaged and so much about diversity and equality was learned on the day. From students having their own project to work on and present to the overall positive feedback, was encouraging to witness. 

Black History Month Workshops (2.5 days)

We explored a range of workshop with the year 8's. From looking at Black British History to the Windrush Generation, important places significant to Black British History and more, the year 8's used a range of creative practices to create final outcomes. It was great to see the work displayed and to hear of how much the students gained out of the workshops. 


National Maritime Museum

Rethink Residency - 'Water & Identity' Workshops

Skin Deep Education had the pleasure of being contracted the role of Lead Facilitator and Artist Lead for the Rethink Residency. The residency programme consisted of 15-18 year old students belonging to the borough of Greenwich. This was a great opportunity to respond to the exhibition that was happening called, "Our Connection to Water', curated by The Collective Makers (TCM). Overall, it was a great week of creativity and running a range of technical workshops to support students with creating their final pieces. Those final pieces will be displayed later in 2023 as a public exhibit at the museum. It was a pleasure to work with Royal Museums Greenwich to make it happen!

Dulwich College

Windrush75 - Creative Workshop for Black History Month

Skin Deep Education had the joy of running workshops with students at Dulwich College from year 7 to year 13. We worked with Art Students across year groups and used the windrush era as inspiration for creating a final outcome which you can see more of in the gallery section of this site. Students learnt about conceptualising stages of the Windrush through art and this was an expressive and creative way of educating students about diversity and inclusion in relation to 75 years of Windrush.  

We belong_edited.jpg

We Belong

Skin Deep Zine Workhop with the Young People at We Belong

Skin Deep Education had the pleasure or running a two hour session with the young people creating zines! The zines were a great opportunity for the young people to get creative whilst reflecting on the beauty of diversity and culture! Fantastic outcome were created and it was a testament to the enthusiasm and creativity of the young people in the room! 


Young Camden Foundation (YCF)

Equality & Diversity Workshop- Zines

Skin Deep Education has the pleasure of running a zines workshop with the young people at Young Camden Foundation (YCF). This was a fantastic opportunity to inspire and encourage the young people as we celebrate diversity and inclusion. We delved into a range of creative ways of making and presented the work at the end to reflect on the amazing outcomes produced!

oaks park.png

Oaks Park High School 

Photography & Fine Art Workshops

Skin Deep Education ran a two-day workshop in Photography and Art with the Year 10 students at Oaks Park High School! It was a fantastic two days full of creative processes and outcomes including tutorials given to students which helped build confidence. The sessions were all tailored to the needs of the Art Department, the year group and the individual students and it was a pleasure to see the display of final outcomes as a result of the students enjoying the workshop!

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