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Speaking Engagements,
Talks & Conferences


We are open for speaking engagements to inspire, advise, educate and encourage. Suited for a range of audiences, we carry the necessary expertise to deliver engaging and interactive talks and presenta. Joshua is extremely passionate and energetic, and it shows! This is a unique quality, as well as working in a range of industries from construction to education, he has a lot to offer. With the importance of celebrating race and diversity, we also give clients the chance to work with us to understand the needs of the organisation.

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Skin Deep Sessions:
Race Education & Art

Skin Deep Education are passionate about teaching, training and equipping people from a range of sectors within an organisation or institution about race using art. Whether its a session that is given to students, staff members, teachers or groups, we deliver creative and engaging programmes tailored to your need and requirements! Dedicated in using creative practices to educate and celebrate race and diversity, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Art Tuition
(GCSE & A-level)

Skin Deep Education carry expertise in teaching. During his masters in Education at Cambridge, Joshua was able to challenge the A-level Art & Design curriculum in England to provide ways in which cultural representation could be expressed. As a qualified art & design teacher, Joshua is equipped with the capacity, GCSE & A-level, to guide and support students through art coursework reviews and art tuition as ways to 'skill up'. As a current Fine Art masters student at Saint Martins, Joshua will demonstrate a breadth of knowledge, enthusiasm and passion going above and beyond. 

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Skin Deep Education are offering zine workshops for companies and organisations. Zines are a great way of expressing creativity in a shorter period of time without the pressure. It will help organisations to for healthy and helpful conversations about race and diversity, whilst showcasing the work to members of the company. This is a great and enjoyable workshop for staff members and organisations to get stuck into and a fantastic method for sharing stories and experiences.

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